Kitty in the Car

Kitty in the CarUnlike her bold predecessor, Kitty One, Kitty Two is a pretty typical cat, except she is especially skittish, afraid of everything. Her owners are moving across the country with her and are afraid that she could become ill in the car or worse, escape from the car and get lost somewhere on the way. They are afraid if that happened, they might never see her again.

Unable to find much specific help on the Internet or from their vet, Kitty’s owners come up with some great ideas of their own to create a safe environment for their “kitty in the car.”  Not meant as expert advice, the practical tips in this book nevertheless provide the kind of information any pet owner might find useful and timesaving when traveling with a pet on a long trip. After all, Kitty Two the “scaredy cat,” made it from Pennsylvania to Arizona with nary a glitch.