Saving Sam


Heather and Janet leave Pennsylvania for Arizona to help Heather’s grandfather, who is in big trouble from two directions. In the cross hairs of Heather’s greedy stepmother, who is trying to prove him infirm, Sam Burke must also take on an unscrupulous gang of criminals who think he is hiding the secret of fabulous wealth. While Janet and Heather try to help Sam, they are distracted by troubles of their own–Janet must deal with insecurities of the past, while Heather finds a man she likes, only to discover he is unavailable. It is up to Sam’s cat Cindy to provide guidance needed to protect Sam from an unlikely thief and an even more surprising would-be murderer.

Cast of Characters

Sam—An affable widower with three granddaughters, he’s under siege from all sides—from his family, who suspect he’s becoming infirm, to a gang of dangerous criminals, who are after a priceless artifact they believe is in his possession.

Heather—In town to help her grandfather, she is sidetracked by an attraction to her half-sister’s boyfriend. How will this complication impact her life as she attempts to keep Sam safe?

Janet—A friend of Heather, she is finding it difficult to keep her mind off her own troubles. Will the secret she’s keeping help or hinder as she tries to aid Heather and Sam?

Matt—Under pressure of a new job, Janet’s husband must first take the time to work on his marriage. Will he be able to hold everything together?

Barb—A successful woman who supposedly has it all, Heather’s older half-sister feels marginalized in her own family. Will her attempt to work all angles lead to more turmoil in her life?

Cole—Handsome and ambitious, Barb’s husband has larcenous tendencies. Will he give those full rein, or will he realize his ambition is leading him and his wife down the wrong path?

Katie—Dumped by her married boyfriend, Heather’s younger half-sister has found a new man. Will his support bolster her self-confidence, or will his defection crush her?

Kevin—Katie’s new boyfriend may not be what he seems. Who is he really interested in, Katie or Heather? Or is he merely looking for fun?

Duke—Sam’s new caretaker is a mysterious guy. He seems well-meaning, but if so, why is he sneaking around Sam’s house at night?

Ross, Frank, and Clock—Each of Sam’s friends appear to have Sam’s interests at heart. But all is not as it appears. They each have a secret, and one of those secrets is a doozy.

Cindy, the Cat—Sam’s little cat knows more than she can reveal using traditional cat powers. But this doesn’t stop her from using intuition to help her human out!