Checklist for Self-Publishing an E-Book

The following s a checklist for self-publishing an e-book. You may or may not want to follow all of the steps, depending on your publishing decisions, or you may want to add or subtract steps or follow a different order. This list is meant as a guide.

  1. Finish manuscript.
  2. Edit manuscript.
  3. For marketing purposes, classify your readership.
  4. Write a description of your book and select a title.
  5. Choose a cover design.
  6. Register your copyright, if desired.
  7. Apply for an ISBN, if desired (depends on publishing decisions).
  8. Decide on classification and keywords to be used in marketing.
  9. Write your biographical data.
  10. Format your book.
  11. Save as an RTF.
  12. Create cover or have one made.
  13. Add images to your book.
  14. Check the size of your book.
  15. Decide on the digital format you intend to use.
  16. Make publishing decisions.
  17. Publish your book.
  18. Market your book.