Saving Ashley

Saving AshleyDivorced lovers Janet and Matt Turner have found their way back to each other and plan to remarry. Unfortunately Matt’s ex-mistress, Ashley Cosgrove, has other ideas, announcing that she is pregnant with Matt’s child. Convinced that Ashley is lying, Janet and Matt join forces against her, but they are thwarted when Ashley suddenly vanishes and Janet is suspected of killing her. Soon they realize that someone is generating false information to build a case against Janet, so that if Ashley dies, Janet will be implicated. To save Janet, the couple must also save Ashley, which could be an insurmountable task. It seems the local chief of police is not on Janet’s side. In fact he’s out to get her!

Cast of Characters

Caroline—With time running out, she learns an explosive secret. How can she convey what she knows to those she loves without putting them in danger?

Janet—She has everything on the line to reunite with her old love. Will the turmoil they face break them apart again?

Matt—His old girlfriend is making big waves. Can his precarious reunion with the love of his life withstand the trouble caused by the one he spurned?

Ashley—She has big troubles both personal and professional. Who can she turn to for help and will that help be what she expects?

Eric—He’s a slick con man with a shocking past involving murder and deceit. Will he keep his past secret, or will it be exposed?

Alison—She’s still in love with her childhood sweetheart. Will the knowledge she unwittingly holds help put the past behind her?

Steve—He’s a great guy with a jealous streak. Can he overcome it, or will it turn off the people he loves?

Natalie—She feels underappreciated by her family and friends. Can she surprise them with unexpected talents?

Heather—She wants to make a statement with both her looks and her actions. She has started to come into her own. How will she do as a detective?