Really Rich?


Janet Turner receives an anonymous call just before traveling with her husband and son to Phoenix for Thanksgiving.  The caller tells her she has rich relatives in Arizona, so she is immediately excited, as she has never known her family. She loses no time enlisting the help of her friend Heather and Heather’s investigator boyfriend Andy to learn the origin of the call. The caller, however, has now disappeared, and it looks as if the woman’s employer, a sleazy PI has died in a questionable accident.

Undaunted, Janet continues her search in her usual intrepid manner, unknowingly disturbing a malevolent fortune hunter who has already murdered once for the riches in question and has more mayhem planned. Fortunately Cindy, the  prescient cat owned by Heather’s grandfather, is on the job, helping Janet and her the humans untangle a web of greed and murder before they become victims themselves.