Saving Carole

Saving CaroleJanet Turner has always put her younger sister Carole before everything else in her life. She even sacrificed her personal happiness to protect a girl who was always in trouble. Now Carole is missing, and her actions have placed the lives of both sisters in danger.

Desperate, Janet turns to her ex for help. Although Matt has gone on with his life with a sexy blonde, he cannot resist the pull of his old love, and soon they are tentatively back together. They face intimidating challenges. They must find Carole and determine her motives, discover the intentions of a burly thug who is stalking them, and most daunting of all, outwit a malevolent adversary who appears to know in advance every move they make. In the end Janet’s twin goals of saving Carole and reuniting with Matt are threatened as she struggles to survive an encounter with a killer who has concocted an ingenious and diabolical plan.

Cast of Characters

Tommy—A low-level criminal trying to make good. He makes a deal with a friend he trusts. Is this a mistake that will get him killed?

Janet—An intelligent, accomplished woman burdened with responsibilities. Will her loyalty to her sister cost her a chance at love.. and maybe even her life?

Carole—Janet’s irresponsible younger sister. To get what she wants she takes many risks. Will she live to achieve her dreams?

Matt—Janet’s bitter ex. After his break-up with Janet, he tries to go on with his life, but has he really? Can he resist the pull of his old love?

Ashley—Matt’s new girlfriend. She does everything she can to hold onto him, but will it be enough?

Greg—Carole’s best friend. He appears to be a clueless young man up on the latest gossip. Does he know more than he’s telling?

Steve—Janet’s former boss. He sees himself as Janet’s mentor and protector. Is that all he is?

Natalie—Steve’s loyal wife and Matt’s sister. She serves as referee between her husband and brother. How long will her patience last before she takes some action of her own?

Heather—Steve and Natalie’s daughter. She wants to make her own decisions without interference from her parents. Some big ones are coming up. How will she do?