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New Mystery! Really Dead?

Really Dead? is the first in new series, the Cindy and Wally Mysteries. 

Retired widower Sam Burke is shopping in Target when a woman approaches him and greets him like a long lost friend. Sam thinks she looks familiar, but he can’t place her. Later Sam remembers where he last saw the woman—in her casket years ago.


Meanwhile Sam’s granddaughter Katie is having an affair with Jason, a mild-mannered young man who is separated from his wife Lissa. Lissa disappears one day, leaving her house in a strange cluttered state, and her son with her sister. The police think Jason is an abuser and did away with Lissa, but there is no body, and no real evidence for what happened to her.


Two women, many years apart, unconnected, who are supposed to be dead—but are they really? Sam and his other granddaughter Heather enlist the aid of amateur investigator Andy Wade to help them find out. Soon it becomes clear that in each case, a death is more likely to come in the future than it was in the past. It is up to Sam’s prescient cat Cindy and Wally, Andy’s sociable labradoodle, to keep the humans in line as they track down potential murderers.

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Saving Sam Promotion!

Download Saving Sam! for free on August 21 through August 25. It is offered in Kindle format.

Heather Burke and her friend Janet leave Pennsylvania for Arizona to help Heather’s grandfather, Sam, who is big trouble from all directions. In the cross hairs of Heather’s greedy stepmother, who is trying to prove him infirm, Sam Burke must also take on an unscrupulous gang of criminals who think he is hiding the secret of fabulous wealth. While Janet and Heather try to help Sam, they are distracted by troubles of their own–Janet must deal with insecurities of the past, while Heather finds a man she likes, only to discover he is unavailable. It is up to Sam’s cat Cindy to provide guidance needed to protect Sam from an unlikely thief and an even more surprising would-be murderer.

Saving Sam is the third in the Veronica Mysteries series, but it is a stand-alone book as well. You can enjoy the characters as they develop throughout the series, so if you haven’t read Saving Carole and Saving Ashley, you can do so today by downloading them from for $3.99 each.

Remember, you can download Saving Sam August 21 through August 25 for free!

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The Cat’s in Charge! Promotion

Download The Cat’s in Charge! for free on April 11 through April 13. It is offered in Kindle format.


In The Cat’s in Charge! Kitty the cat instructs her fellow cats and their humans about the dynamics of living together in the same household. She describes how cats must  take the leadership role in training humans to accept the cat’s superior knowledge of all things. Humans can then achieve their destiny–helping  cats achieve theirs!