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New Mystery! Really Over?

Really Over? is a new book in the Cindy and Wally Mystery series. Buy it now in Kindle format for 99 cents on Amazon.

Kevin Healy is in a whole lot of trouble. There’s evidence he may have committed a violent crime, but  he can’t remember what happened. His mind is a blank, and  he’s afraid to pursue any clues for fear he will incriminate  himself. Enter  two ex-girlfriends, a reluctant amateur investigator, a friendly dog named Wally, and Cindy, the prescient cat. In their various ways, they offer help to Kevin, whether he wants it or not, and match their wits against a would-be killer simmering with an obsessive need for vengeance.

The first book in the Cindy and Wally Mystery series is Really Dead?, which you can also find on Amazon for the same low price of 99 cents. Also available are the books in the Veronica romantic suspense series. Each book is standalone as well as part of a series. Go to Amazon and choose one today!

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The Cat’s in Charge! Promotion

Download The Cat’s in Charge! for free on April 11 through April 13. It is offered in Kindle format.


In The Cat’s in Charge! Kitty the cat instructs her fellow cats and their humans about the dynamics of living together in the same household. She describes how cats must  take the leadership role in training humans to accept the cat’s superior knowledge of all things. Humans can then achieve their destiny–helping  cats achieve theirs!